What is life? Everyone has their own definition of life. But now a day’s many people try to live
up to the expectations and timelines of others instead of listening to themselves. As many of
them say, “Life is a race – agar tej nahi bhagoge toh piche reh jaoge”. But according to me life
is not a race it is a journey, a beautiful journey. And in this journey we travel through the
mountains and valleys (it means we all have ups and downs in our life).

It doesn’t matter how far we have gone on the wrong road we can still take the U-turn. Life
would be meaningful, only if we understand the true meaning of failure. No one is totally
perfect or no one is perfectly imperfect. Everyone has their own qualities, their own attitude,
their own likes and dislikes, then why do we end up listening to others. We should start loving
our own company, we should be proud of our own choices.

Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile. We should be smart
enough to holding on, but be brave enough to let go the things. Life is not about finding
yourself, but life is about creating yourself. So create yourself in such a way that no one can
take your happiness away from you.

“Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as
though everyone is listening ” –   Nelson Mandela

So always,” BE HAPPY, BE COOl and BE YOU”.

About the Author:  Vaishnavi  Chimate is a second year engineering student studying in BVCOEW, PUNE. She stood  First in the  blog writing competition held by WordsMaya. She has beautifully demonstrated her writing of how one should live life being oneself.



It is really very difficult to talk about life. Many great saints and philosophers have written so many things about life. According to me life is a way you live it. Look at your life in very gradual way, don’t make it complicated. It only depends on the way how you look at it, it becomes the same.

Be happy always, don’t look for other person to make you happy or don’t find your happiness in someone else. In this matter take idol of Mr.Bean who enjoys his own company and never thinks of the world.

Always have the tendency of forgetting and forgiving. Because anger is like poison its drinking poison and expecting other person to die. In the same way forgetting is also very important because unless and until you don’t bury those bitter memories, experiences in your life you won’t be able to move ahead. If you don’t turn the page of your previous chapter you can’t be able to begin a new chapter.

Being focused is also very important in life. Never flow in that temporary happiness river. Because that river doesn’t have any destination. And once you are on your destination no one can take your happiness away from you.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West


 About the Author:  Renuka Deolalikarnd is a second year engineering student studying in BVCOEW, PUNE. She stood  First in the  blog writing competition held by WordsMaya. Being optimistic personality, she’s stated ‘live to the fullest’ .


    Gratitude as the word says, it is the emotion of being grateful. Gratitude is important in one’s wellbeing. If you are grateful for all the happy moments and positive happenings in your life, then you will attract more of it and you will undoubtedly have a fulfiling and happy day. In fact, it is been written that gratitude is the best medicine for depression, self-pity and fear.
        Gratitude bestows many benefits. it dissolves negative feelings, anger and jealousy melt in its embrace, fear and defensiveness shrink.
        Gratitude helps you grow and expand, brings joy and laughter into your life and those around you. Gratitude is nothing but our positive attitude and being thankful for all the great things in our life.
” A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things” – Plato, famous Greek philosopher.
 About the Author: Arya Chavan is a second year engineering student studying in BVCOEW, PUNE. She is the First runner-up  of the blog writing competition held by WordsMaya. She is compassionate  writer and has expressed her views about gratitude.



I personally think everyone has a revolutionary heart that can change one’s
mind and a revolutionary mind that can change the world.Just needs a inspiration that can uplift the
storm within…As every sunset has a sunrise ,every dark night has a bright dawn just like that is every
story has an happy ending…If peoples are trying to bring you “Down”,it only means that you are ‘Above
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even
touched; they must be feel from the heart . The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best
today.I can’t change the direction of the wind ,but I can adjust my way to reach my destination.
If you look closely , you will notice the energy of inspiration is all around .
We can draw inspirations from our favourite books,places and things from which we can draw our
inspirations.And the best part is that every day is a chance to capture this energy to seek out all of life’s

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all”.
Walt Disney Company, Mulan

About the Author: Akansha Wagh is a second year engineering student studying in BVCOEW, PUNE. She is the second runner-up  of the blog writing competition held by WordsMaya. She is a very enthusiastic girl and has shared her thoughts on how different people, things inspire our lives. 


The title seems catchy but I came across this title when I was preparing for MBA
entrance exam. This was one of the topics given in class for discussion. When our professor
wrote the topic on board, for at least 5 minutes I was smiling continuously don’t know why i
was doing so but the title really diverted my attention from the class. My smile had a reason,
it was a reminder of my all good moments that I had till that time and it was also reminder
that yes, it’s true that the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched but they are
felt with heart. In this article, i would be giving justification to my title through giving only
one example.
Life teaches us N number of lessons, sometimes lessons are funny, sometimes they
are harsh and sometimes whatever may be the lesson we are not at all interested in learning
them. There was photo which was viral on social media 2 years ago. When I saw this photo
on my whatspp messenger, I learned one of the most important lesson in my life. It really
made me aware of lot of things in life which I don’t enjoy completely. And this realization
was within a minute, that much was the impact of this photo.

The above photo was taken during the Black Mass film premiere in Brookline, Mass.
The lead of this movie was Johnny Deep, I thing this name needs no introduction. It
was a premiere of his movie. As Johnny entered, each and everyone was amazed to see him
and they started clicking photos. But this old women was just enjoying the moment and she was just into the moment without any distraction. The question arises that why she didn’t took
her phone out to click a photo and that to she was standing so near to red carpet, if she had
taken phone out for a click she would had a clear photo of Johnny, then why she didn’t do it?
There was also lot of comments for this photo saying, that her mobile phone battery
was discharged or she may had broken her phone or she had forgot her phone at home and also
fun was made that she was wearing Google glasses. Whatever may be the reason, it can be that
one of the reason can also be true but just look at the old ladies smile. I think she is so
mesmerized by the view what she is seeing that she forgot to take a picture. In spite the
presence of Johnny deep the camera man captured this view in his camera. Now you can
imagine the impact of that beautiful smile. That smile, that satisfaction, that calm and pleasant
face of her is really difficult to express in words. What see might be thinking is also difficult to
predict and also we can’t assume that she must be having everything what she must have
wished in her life. The reason why i said this is because lot of peoples’ happiness is directly
proportional to the things that they own. But the only thing that I felt by looking at this photo
was that …………………………..


Written by :

Sachin Yadav

The Teenage Dreamer

Staring out of the window panes of your car, watching your so called friends singing and dancing outside the bars, girls and boys embracing each other, teenagers with latest hairstyles and people acting cool (whatever their definition of cool may be). Maybe you wonder right now, why I can’t sing like them, talk like them, or be the awesome life of the party they are? Why can’t I make friends like them or act cool like them, if it is hip-hop or drinking or puffing your lungs out. Why doesn’t my mother let me wear makeup? Why doesn’t she allow me to keep my hair that way?
You keep thinking about all these things and you start hating life. You think you are completely in the dark, ALONE, with no one to rely on! But what you don’t understand is that, that you are walking their shadows instead of walking in the light. Dear you, walk in the light and let the amazing person inside you get illuminated.
I promise, soon these people will walk away and there won’t be any shadows left to walk in, and suddenly you will find yourself propelled into the brightness.
You will find your own ground to stand on. I promise, you will be strong and very soon it won’t matter what anyone thinks.
You will realize that bitching is same as superficial compliments and fake rumors, and you don’t need either. You will realize that your real friends are not the ones with shadows but are genuine and real people. They care about you and help you to enlighten yourself. You will now hold your own dreams. You will soon realize that you are destined to SHINE. You will become the best VERSION of yourself and that’s what is truly important.
Live your life in such a way that when you get really old, and when you look back at your life, you should say: “Aahh I lived it, not survived it.”


Written by :

Vaibhav Thorat